what is your way to influence the world?

About Event

Attractiveness of women within themselves and in the women’s community in search of answers about their individual choice of ways of influencing the world.

Yanina Dubeykovskaya

The ambition of the project WOMEN INFLUENCE COMMUNITY is to fully engage its members in the development of powerful women's global influence. It aims to unite proactive female business-managers, thought-leaders, philosophers, mothers, artists, muses, investors and entrepreneurs. All of them, in turn, through the very community of the project, could continue to make a worldwide impact and even strengthen their role in today's global business and society!

How can we interpret women’s authenticity and what is the New Understanding of women’s influence?

Authenticity is regarded here in the context that we, as women, should switch from the traditional 'outside' viewpoint onto the inner self inside us, and try to understand who we are – without the current male-driven projection on today’s world. First of all, we have to avoid and even fight the conventional concept of reaching equality or fostering competitiveness between men and women, which automatically imposes the ground for seeking a similarity between the sexes... Undoubtedly, equal social rights for men and women are absolutely necessary (access to education, for example), yet this is far from sufficient.

We, as women, are capable of initiating greater positive changes in the world and we are definitely quite different from men. This very difference – as a source in itself – is the key part of our Authenticity.

Make a difference, be a woman, be yourself!