WIC-F | Moscow, 2019

WIC-F | Moscow, 2019

Speakers sharing their emotions:

Ekaterina Kozinchenko, "ATKearney", Partner
“There should always be a mentor who promotes you. We, as a community, are ready to help and promote other women in business. Being in a permanent minority is not very comfortable. According to a study by ATKearney, in order for a person to feel comfortable in a work environment, there should be at least 30% of people who are similar to him and then it will be easier to join other people (in this case, we are talking about women).”

Ana D’Apuzzo (Switzerland)
“I am still under the wonderful impression of yesterday event. It was pleasure to meet you and hear your inspirational stories. Special thanks to dear Yanina for realizing her dream and our connection!”

Olga Podoinitsyna, " VTB Capital", Board member
“Emotions of leadership. Emotional intelligence is an integral part of female leadership. The speed and amount of perceived information over the past 5-10 years has increased 5 times. The concept of leadership has gone beyond the scope of business and has acquired the framework of “human substance”. To gain leadership in business is one thing, but to retain, develop, be a role model beyond the framework of business is a new science and a new school of leadership. Leadership and professionalism do not have gender, but are measured by the results and goals that we, as leaders, define and set for ourselves at different stages of a career!“

Laura Wendt, global manager "Diversity and Inclusion", "AT Kerney"
“But we have blind spots. And there is no problem. If you think about it, it’s something like that.”

Alena Kuzmenko, Co-founder os "UNITY" charity
“It is very important for me to carry our experience and our groundwork around the world to other clinics. The main lesson I learned from my mom's traumatic experience is that all wishes come true thanks to cosmic energy.”

Victoria Tuchinskaya, designer
“Alien and not his own, someone else's, as his own, his own, as someone else's Creativity, as a way of understanding people and gaining your circle. Every morning I read the phrase “Mom, I love you and all the best that is in my life is you!"”

Anna Belova, Head of the center of strategic development MSU
“Coming to work at 7 in the morning and leaving at 11 in the evening because of my perfectionism, I realized that if there were another person in my position - a man - the system would simply grind him into flour. The ability to inspire confidence in yourself, the ability to gather a team, the ability at some moment to give the leader’s laurels to another - this is very important! Few of the men, having come up with some idea, are able to pass it on to another. But no matter who invented it, it is important that it work. We can create a unique society of women that is ready to share, and here two big advantages - the first is the accumulation of strategic choice (synergy), and the second plus at the same level to share. ”

Lydia Varlamova, CEO, "MoscowCity"
“I am sure that motherhood gives us all those abilities that help one - the female ability to influence.”

Irina Bakhtina, VP "Unilever Russia"
“I know firsthand what it is to have a working mother... And now I see mistakes in the education of today's children, and the main thing is that children do not know how to ask and ask for forgiveness... I talk a lot with my team, it is important for me to work with happy people.”

Elena Rechalkova, Leader "Women on Boards"
“You can live as you want only when you have achieved something in life and can give children education, level and correct values... Barriers to the development of female influence are primarily stereotypes from both women and men. On the part of men, it is the belief that if a woman has made a career, then she does not have a personal life, but from the widespread enormous self-doubt. According to statistics, with an increase in the number of women in a team, economic efficiency increases.”

Elena Ulyanov, Head of Charity "Equality of Opportunities"
“Today, a lot of people want to have power. But power is just a tool, and influence can make a person happy. We always come across people whom we would not like to see and hear. But every one of you will hear a person who needs help, believe me - it will change the world!”

Yolanda Crisanto, Globe Telecome (Philippines)
“It's a lot of inequality in our country. And no such thing as divorce. I would like to talk about it. So that people can talk about it with somebody. Can help people with their depression. So we work with those people too. For now we were able to help 25,000 filipinos. Do not stop”

Ksenia Bezuglova, World Miss for women on wheelchairs
“A wheelchair has become a resource for me that helps me change this world. From any minus you can make a plus. Every day and every minute has tremendous value. Be sure to sincerely give happiness and joy to others. All living things stretch to the sun. You must always be this sun and then around you will always be warm, bright and good people.”

Elena Ronina, Writer
“Without creativity, there is no life at all and nothing would have happened, we are creators everywhere - in life, family, work. We are all very creative people, many somewhere deep down, the task of us, as creators, is to pull out and develop this creative component.”

Elina Akinshina, CEO "Sochi Planet"
“Having a baby introduced me to my creative abilities, I began to write poems. Each of us can be filled from within ourselves. We have to look into ourselves. Within ourselves, we are a whole universe. Fill with energy and only from this internal state make a decision, do not make decisions under the influence of external factors.”

Svetlana Turok, chief - editor "Leaders Women" magazine
“We need to strive for high - to talent, to professionalism. Woman leader in life - no matter who she is - mother, wife, professional. We create this world, this world is in our hands.”

Natalya Smirnova, investor, financial adviser
“How are women's finances different from men's?” Nothing. There are a few simple rules for managing finances: 1. Always save money. Black stash - and unforeseen expenses, White for unforeseen investment ideas; 2. Manage your personal finances is not possible until the main risks are insured; 3. Own business is a risk, so you should always create your own passive income for yourself and your parents. You need to create your investment portfolio and it must be at least half liquid. And as diversified as possible; 4. Passive income - investments in startups, charity and in new businesses; 5. From my point of view, money should be approached so that it is simply understandable and logical, then it’s as if it’s manly, but also a bit womanish.”