WIC-F | Geneva, 2018

WIC-F | Geneva, 2018

Geneva Edition of Women Influence Forum, March 20, 2018


Great discussion during the WIF Geneva session pointing out thet we, as women, are hugely underestimated in the modern social and culture environment neither our potential to influence the world. The main idea everywhere is "to be equal to men and to influence like men". Our aim is to develop a transparent understanding of women's influence based on our differences, on the women's uniqueness and authenticity. Equal social rights are absolutely necessary but they are not at the core of our philosophy.

However, we appreciate all women who fight for it.

We discussed the six ways of influence trying to understand the main inner challenges, risks and benefits. All speakers brought the unique touch to the common understanding of our approach. We confirm that women can choose one or all the six ways to influence as a Professional, Entrepreneur, Muse, Creator, Mother, or Citizen.

Our Geneva meeting helped us to approach understanding of the simple and at the same time very complex issues. We believe that everything said at the Forum is like grains that will bear fruit!

Dear ladies, thank you for the atmosphere of trust and the overwhelming energy! We have moved on within the meaning of the scale of women’s influence and its characteristics.

Here are some key insights from the Forum:

  • We believe we should not disempower other people with our empowerment.

  • We believe a women should support more other women.

  • We believe a woman should learn to assume when she is successful.

  • We believe mentoring is one of the most important thing to do.

  • We believe in passionate heartfelt meaningful goals. It should connect you to others.

  • Find and hold onto what grounds you. Power and influence come from within. And it should be linked to your values. One must be his best SELF.

  • We all need a role model and mentors. To see other women higher than you is inspiring.

  • New technologies offer new opportunities to women to succeed.

  • Vision without action is a dream, action without vision is a nightmare, vision with action are success.

  • Motherhood teaches you a lot of strength and endurance. It’s the most life-changing experience. It’s one of the greatest human rights. Society does not give credit that it deserves.

  • Mothers are here to allow the child to be who he is and not who mothers want him to be, to allow him to express, to make mistakes.

Speakers sharing their emotions:

Patrizia Paterlini-Brechot (France)
“Congratulations for the wonderful and inspiring Meeting you have organized in Geneva with your team ! and thanks for having me giving a talk!”

Ana D’Apuzzo (Switzerland)
“I am still under the wonderful impression of yesterday event. It was pleasure to meet you and hear your inspirational stories. Special thanks to dear Yanina for realizing her dream and our connection!”

Paula Read (Switzerland)
“Thank you all so much for your friendliness, organization and special event. It was great meeting you“

Serena Poon (USA)
“I loved hearing your stories, your journeys and learned so much from each of you.
Thank you so much Yanina, for your passion and for bringing us all together.”

See some of the speakers' presentations shared at WIC-F, Geneva 2018:

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