On September 19th, 2018 the 4th Women Influence Community Forum (WIС/F) in the partnership with A.T. Kearney took place at the Paris headquarters of UNESCO. Successful women from the USA, France, Russia, Germany, Malaysia, Switzerland, UK, Lebanon, Turkey, Belgium gathered together to discuss their stories and their ways of influencing the world. The strategic session was titled Women Influence: Challenges, Chances, Changes.

To increase women’s influence WIC-F has launched a new global project - World Women Influence March (WWIM). WWIM is a chain of international women events taking place in different countries in the course of March 2019 with the final Event at The Ritz Paris. WWIM’s main goals are: creating of strong international community focused on women’s influence and based on partnership and sharing of potential, a world recognition of women’s influence, attracting media attention to risks of gender disbalance, wide awareness of D&I practices. This project is WIC-F’s global proposition to active women, women’s organisations and to all companies to unite women’s efforts all over the world, creating a unique information platform.

During the Paris strategic session it was stated that there is a high risk of gender disbalance impacting all the aspects of economical and social life. An important decision has been taken: to continue the work on Women Influence Index methodology, taking into account all the six ways of women’s influence. It will definitely develop new ways of empowering women.

Here are some session’s key insights:

  • Feminine qualities are still undervalued in today’s society.

  • Gender Gap is higher today than in 2017, despite large women’s efforts across the globe.

  • There is no world unique strategy in women’s movement, organisations and associations.

  • Global consequences of gender disbalance are heavy and may lead to social instability. We need to attract more media attention to it.

  • Women need true projects of collaboration and connection.

  • A lot of laws have to be changed starting with the education system.

  • We all need role models and they need to be highlighted.

  • Women face internal and external challenges.

  • The 6 ways of influence give women a new way to see themselves and a new way to engage the sisterhood.

  • We need to change how women see themselves. Women can heal the world.

  • In a rapidly changing business world women are more valuable than ever before.

According to A.T.Kearney’s researches having women and men in a business team will increase abilities to attract and retain the best talent as well as innovation and creativity, higher social intelligence, better customer service and public image, more stability during financial crisis, higher revenue, plus more motivated and effective employees!

Laura Wendt, Global Manager of D&I at A.T. Kearney gives the following recommendations how to “RAISE” women: to Reach out, to Advertise, to Include, to Spot, to Encourage.

Yanina Dubeykovskaya, WIC/F's Founder & General Director and President of the WCFA Association in Switzerland, says:
“Women’s influence is a new oil. Companies, communities and nations who are the first to discover this type of energy, will be shaping the future of the world.”

Marie-Christine Oghly (France), World Presidente Femmes Chefs d’Entreprise Mondiales
“Alone we are invisible together we are invincible”

Laura Wendt, Global Manager of Diversity and Inclusion at A.T. Kearney, Neuropsychologist (Germany)
“My goal is to help change not only how societies see women, but how women see themselves. I want to support women to be their best across the whole world, in schools, universities, workplaces and at home.”

Nurul Ashikin Shamsuri, Founder of Project Fearless (Malayasia)
“I want to inspire people, I want to be the reason for them to say – Because of you I didn’t quit.”

Danielle Moens, Co-Founder of Centre for Balanced Leadership (Belgium)
“Feminine energy need to rise and to be able to dance”

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