Elena Ulyanova

Elena Ulyanova

President of the Rybakov Foundation | Russia

Elena Ulyanova is the President of Rybakov Foundation and a successful manager of multiple social and media projects. Over the last 25 years she has created and led efficient media projects in Astrakhan, Vladimir, Minsk, Moscow and Tomsk. TV stations built or modernized under Elena’s management are still holding leading positions in their respective regions.
Elena Ulyanova is an example of a self-made woman. She didn’t have any privileges on the start, working as a teacher in a small school and raising two children on her own she managed to start a new life at 30 and build a successful career without anybody’s help or protection. 

 While working as a TV presenter in Tomsk she took a decision to build her own private TV company. Without any significant funding but having built a strong team she started creating television dedicated to social and family problems. The newly established company went through both good and hard times, but eventually reached its first 1 million dollars in profit, it stayed loyal to the values set up by Elena until it was sold.

Elena continued to learn and grow as a professional in media management: she completed personal internship in Hollywood TV companies, becomes a member of National Television Association, becomes the winner of competitions “Female Director of the year 2004”, “Siberian of the year 2008”. Her other professional awards include certificate of honor from Russian State Television, certificates from governors of the regions, where Elena Ulyanova was scientifically contributed to building and developing local TV station and bringing them to a new level.

In 2017 Elena accepted an offer extended by cofounders of Rybakov Foundation and beсame the President of the fund. Her focus is the development of regional and international partnerships. In October 2017 during the World Festival of Youth and Students Rybakov Foundation announced the launch of international campaign “Thank You”, authored by Elena Ulyanova. The campaign became one of the top-10 projects to receive support from the Administration of the President of Russian Federation within the framework of the platform “Russia – the country of opportunities”.