Natalya Lebedeva

Natalya Lebedeva

President of the "Be Together" Fund | Russia

Charity for me is a way of life, a help to those in need.

There is one very explicit phrase: "People have become cheaper than their clothes."
Many spend their lives on brands and grandstanding, constantly chasing after imposed ideals, but in fact the most important thing is implication in the lives of others!

To date, according to MGIMO (Russian University of Foreign Affairs), Russia is on the 73rd place in charity. Sad statistics, but a fact. Perhaps, many simply forgot how to believe in kindness and unselfishness.

The reputation of the one-day funds, which conducted their activities, aimed exclusively at easy earnings, had a negative impact on people's attitude toward charity. So today, we want to talk about what charity really is: what a huge amount of work it is, how many people are behind it, whose names often remain in the shadows. Look, how many beautiful charities in our country that have existed for more than one year. How many good deeds each individual fund does. A year in our country is held from 50 to 100 of those charitable events, about which people do not know anything at all. By small steps every day, every foundation moves in the direction of development and popularization of these activities, sacrificing so much. And here we are talking not only about financial costs, but about the fact that people are sacrificing their time, they make this world the better place, passing on this experience to the younger generation.

The Association of Charitable Foundations is called upon to tell about all participants of charity, so that everyone has a choice - to whom and how he wants to help. After all, support is needed not only by those who need medical help. For example, talented children who can not get proper development, living somewhere in the province, or single elderly people who simply need support. There are many age and social categories of people who need someone's help.

It is great if in our country there will be more sympathetic and warm-hearted people, for whom charity will also become a way of life. It's so important, when you can share something with others, use your precious time, just for some kind of good action.