Елена Тябутова

Елена Тябутова

Генеральный директор "Алкогольная Сибирская группа"

I can say, the way has chosen me. I always toss about two directions-art and business. And my way is mix of them. Mix business and art is professional. I love to see fast result of my impact (my target). Professional way of influence gives me opportunity to have huge network, to have huge experience and reach my target using network and experience.

My purpose: Help people to make right choice. Context – Future starts now. Bright future is all about making right choice. It is not easy and sometimes it is scary to make decision. I am here to help and encourage to unlock opportunities in front of you.

Never say Never. It is about my way. 25 years ago I told -my role is chief accountant. 10 years ago I told- I never move from Siberia to Moscow. 3 years ago I told- I prefer to stay with Unilever till my retirement time. And, where am I now? I am CEO alcohol Company seating in Moscow office. Doing every days small steps I did my steep growth. My the greatest challenge to trust myself.

Jump from local company to global, from Siberia to worldwide, from Russian mentality to multinational. Different languages, different culture, different ways of working. Emotional leadership helps me. The biggest challenge was recent. It was my career step from finance to general management without any preparation and handover.

Women always forget about visibility of deliverables. Women do job, reach outstanding result and are sure-somebody see it and respect. No, result should be promoted. Personal advertising is very difficult for us, but must.

Create teams, educate teams, be role models. Every grains of emotional intellect in the society will grow trees of future leaders, who save the world.

Make women bright and bold. Help be open and active.