Elena Ronina

Elena Ronina

Writer and Board Member at the Turgenev Community | Russia

Being a Creator as a great way to influence others!
I am a writer, a leader of a popular Moscow club, member of the management board of Turgenev community and judge of a literary award for youths.

Since early childhood I have possessed the qualities of a natural-bron leader: I could organize things, lead people, create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for all around me. I did not use these skills for a long time; it seemed I had been just developing and accumulating my abilities... German Language School, Music School, Financial University, and then marriage, children... All that was trying to bring me into 'homeland' and lead me in the other direction as well. But if a person has a creative core, it will certainly come up anyway. Of course, my children also learned foreign languages and graduated from music schools...

It’s been always normal for me to turn ordinary friend-meetings into grand celebrations with a plot and entertainment! The creativity was searching a way to burst out. This is how the idea of a club was brought up. Till that moment I had already written a couple of books that got published. It was clear to me their texts could influence people, show them a way, raise their spirits. And these were just fiction books!

It was obvious that I needed to extend the borders: I should speak and see the people’s faces.

So, creating the Moscow club ‘Moscow Gatherings’ was actually aimed at uniting people who love culture: reading books, going out to the theatre and exhibitions, discussing news of art. Our club is 5 years old, and many famous or remarkable people have visited it!
I can easily see the fruits of our work. A great number of our club members: doctors, lawyers, teachers, suddenly started to do arts or dance, opening their own clubs.

Creative work inspires everyone around you, not only the creative people!
Creativity is inside us all, you just need to learn how to express it or which of your strings to hit, opening the 'right box’ for magic...

I’m very glad that I can help young authors, as a member of the judge team of a literary award. It is very important that someone takes a notice of your talent at right time, saying a few inspiring words. This could give such a necessary support to all young writers!

My work for the last few years is closely connected with Turgenev. Some people consider the classical literature boring, but such an assumption is completely wrong, in my view. It’s our history, our language: we can’t lose the connection between generations. I find it important and challenging to present Turgenev in a modern way, so that one would read him again and again, after visiting my programs and events.

Create things by yourself and lead people, making life more colorful and new!
This is my slogan.