Ellina Akinshina

Ellina Akinshina


For me, Creator is someone who imagines something new, a person who is not afraid to dream and realize his ideas. Three of my projects - the company PLANET SOCHI, the MICE FORUM SOCHI and the Black Sea Convention Bureau are equally interesting to me and are unique in their own way. In each of them I find my desire to realize my vision of the development of the Sochi region and the ability to influence the current situation. In my case this is the development of the meeting industry and a special recreation philosophy.

I like an inspiring quote from the great Woman Mahatma Gandhi: "To change the world around you, you must change yourself." I would like to add: “Accusing external reality or other people of imperfection, you give your Energy to them, you become a victim. Only by taking responsibility for your life on yourself, without being afraid to manifest yourself, you become a Creator, able to change the World! ”

Some words about Ellina

Ellina came to the tourist industry 18 years ago and during that time the company, under her management, became one of the industry leaders in the South of Russia, providing services in the VIP TRAVEL, MICE, EVENT segment.

Her credo is to organize corporate events with meaning! And as for the individual travel options for private clients, the company do not sell travel packages, but add Freedom and Joy to clients’ travels.

Ellina is very proud of the project MICE FORUM SOCHI, as one of the best communication platforms for meeting industry professionals.

What was the hardest part? Certainly to step over the fears that it wouldn’t work!

Starting from a white sheet is also a huge challenge. It is important to go forward, to move in the direction of your fears, actually to Ellina’s opinion.

The decision to organize a MICE FORUM SOCHI for the first time has come unexpectedly. At the MICE conference back in 2014, one foreign speaker asked all participants one question - what would you like most to implement in your own life? The answer happened spontaneous, without any clear understanding of what was written by me. How I was surprised when, after a while, this speaker has sent me a letter asking me how preparations for my Forum were going?) Then one more year later - a control letter in which he wrote that the letter was the last and he hoped that my the project would take place! I could not turn back!

It was a great responsibility to host the MICE event for MICE specialists, especially since it was a multi-format project: a business part with practitioners well-known in the industry, a market place with the participation of leading industry suppliers, meeting planners — working meetings with corporate customers — leading Russian companies, an intense 2-day cultural program, inspection of the Olympic sites in Sochi. We were visited by over 220 people from the leading players in the meeting industry market.

Now MICE FORUM SOCHI has become an annual Event that is expected. It cannot but inspire me as the creator and producer of the project. Ahead of 2019 and we have already started preparing a new program of the Forum, we will surprise the participants!

The main challenge of our century is to live in an era of turbulence! Every day we are faced with an ever-changing world and our ability to successfully realize ourselves will depend on the ability to adapt to this world, to find our growth zones, knowing and relying on our values.

A woman is certainly more flexible than a man in her reaction to external changes.

This is her time. And the sustainability of this world will depend on the active position of a woman, on her wisdom and ability to adapt reality, transforming uncertainty into new opportunities, polarity of opinions into a creation of a global approach to resolving complicated tasks. A woman carries creative energy, she is for the preservation of peace and the creation of a harmonious space. And all the positive changes happen precisely from this state. It is the Woman who has the opportunity to influence the World from different roles. Mother, Muse, Creator, Entrepreneur, Citizen - all the roles are amazing and women skillfully use them for the benefit as we see from many examples from world history.

I am interested in realizing myself in projects that change the world for better. I spend a lot of conscious corporate events, created a Forum on the meaning of organizing events with a purpose to develop a community of active participants in the meeting industry market. I plan to engage more actively in the Black Sea Convention Bureau, whose mission is to promote the potential of the Black Sea resorts on the Russian and international markets through the formation of unique Events.