Ksenia Podoynitsyna

Ksenia Podoynitsyna

Founder of InArt | Russia

Ksenia is a contemporary art market expert in Russia. She founded Gallery 21 in Moscow in 2010, the Gallery ranked "Top galleries of 2016: Europe" according to Blouinartinfo. Gallery 21 collaborates with established and emerging Russian artists, such as Vladimir Dubossarsky, Sergey Shutov, Vladimir Arkhipov, Natasha Dahnberg, Sergey Katran.

In 2015 Ksenia launched an educational course on "How to put price on art" at the Plekhanov University of Economics.

In 2016 Ksenia Podoynitsyna presented the first analytical report on Russian contemporary art market in Moscow, Vienna and London. In 2017 she announced the results of InArt rating and launched online platform in-art.ru. InArt highlights key data about Russian contemporary artists and market development.

Before contemporary art Ksenia worked in a financial sector at Fleming Family and Partners, VTB Capital, Deutsche Bank.

Ksenia graduated from ESCP Europe with Master of Science with Major in Marketing, Master in European Business, graduated in 2009. Before she studied Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Major in Finance and Credit at the Russian Plekhanov Academy of Economics and University of Applied Sciences in Dresden.