Ksenia Zharko

Ksenia Zharko

Symphony orchestra conductor | Russia

I have conducted more than 40 orchestras - from Colombia to South Korea and Sri Lanka, laureate of international competitions, creator, artistic director and chief conductor of a unique band - the Women's Symphony Orchestra.

Motto in life:
Desire gives you a thousand opportunities, reluctance - a thousand reasons.
To get go the Moon, you should start aiming at the Sun.
Do what you feel is necessary, and let life use it its own way.
Life is the best director of all. Do not hamper its actions. If a door closes before you, there is another that will soon open.

Most important thing:
The micro-climate in the team, the feeling of great interest and love in the ongoing creative process. Each orchestra player should feel that it is he/she who is significant and immensely valuable for the orchestra. There won’t be a single masterpiece if one works under compulsion. According to Theodor Curentzis, the angels will not sing at the concert.

I love to do home construction and designs and apartments, plunging into all the details and carefully studying the very heart of the matter.
I admire women who are passionate about their profession and at the same time combining work and family life in a very natural way.

Traditional bio:

Ksenia Zharko graduated with honours from the Moscow State Conservatory in two faculties: Musicology and Opera and Symphony Conducting. She is a laureate of two international competitions of conductors: after Vakhtang Jordania in Kharkov and after Imre Kalman in Budapest, where she was also awarded a Special Prize.

Conducted more than forty orchestras.

For four years, Ksenia - music director and conductor of the International Competition of Young Operetta artists Operetta-Land, conductor of Maxim Dunaevsky's musical Love and Espionage. For 13 years - conductor of the Moscow Operetta. Performed the production of Alexander Zhurbin’s musical "Caesar and Cleopatra."

Ksenia is the creator, artistic director and chief conductor of a unique band - the Women's Symphony Orchestra, performing in the Great Hall of the Moscow State Conservatory, in the State Kremlin Palace, on the Red Square, at the Olimpiysky Sports Complex, Pushkin Museum and Glazunov Gallery’s concert halls

The orchestra is a frequent participant of the most important Russian cultural events: the Russian music award in the Kremlin, the Muz-TV Award in the field of pop music in the Olimpiysky sports complex, the 3D laser show ‘Christmas waltz’ at the Best Winter City festival, concerts of lead singers of the Budapest and Moscow operettas, a concert of Korean music - a kind of musical relay from the Olympics games of Sochi to the South Korean Pyeongchang; concert of V4 music.

Ksenia Zharko is married and has a son.