Natalia Perestronina

Natalia Perestronina

Astrologer | Russia

For me personally, creativity is the source of life. Life is an endless creative process. Inspiration with new ideas adds energy both in everyday life and in my profession. And in general, these spheres are interrelated for me.

I’m always in a search of my own paths in this world, and astrology helps a lot. With its help, you can better realize your objectives and opportunities at different stages of life. Astrology has become my profession. A creative approach to astrological interpretations and techniques is important.

I got acquainted with the primary astrological knowledge at the age of 12 and they seemed to me very interesting from the point of view of the coincidence of human behavior and astrological archetypes. Interest in psychology and cultural studies have led me to the Faculty of Philosophy. In parallel, always was astrology.

A philosophical turn of mind and system thinking make it possible to understand astrological science in a connection with our everyday life. Always with inspiration, I was engaged in the development of new forms of the implementation of astrological training programs - from in-person lectures to webinars, Youtube broadcasts. Of course, I faced with difficulties, primarily of a technical nature - the development of new technologies - special computer programs, Internet platforms, the creation of new Internet products.

In 2006, I opened the Academy of Astrology where I introduced the Classical European astrology with a personality-oriented approach, according to my own curriculum. Since 2014, the Academy has opened in St. Petersburg (Academy of Classical Astrology) with a full-time training and consulting. It exists worldwide - in the format of distance learning and skype consultations. The author's YouTube channel is actively working.

Thinking about what challenges will face women in the future, I’d say there may be double-faced problems. On the one hand, strict adherence to stamps, on the other, a lack of a systematic approach and creative synthesis. And also ignoring new knowledge and technical forms of new projects. Certainly, I’ll strongly recommend to overcome these problems

How do I see women influencing the future? I guess in the development of their personal talents, recognition of its uniqueness, following its own Way. As a confirming result - a feeling of satisfaction and joy of life. I would surely recommend a creative thinking in all situations of life as a source and generator of life. It should be a combination of inspiration with a specific benefit (do not break away from reality).

My statement is ‘Acceptance of the uniqueness and personal value of a woman is the foundation for a full life. Reasonable confidence in the world and to itself. Realism combined with love.’