Oksana Barvinok

Oksana Barvinok

Artist | Russia

My Way of Influence at this Life Stage is the Creator. You can even say that I did not choose this path, but the Path chose me. I just had to accept it, realize it and let it be realized in me. And now, when I share with others - it is realized “through me”.

Creativity was always present in my life in one form or another. I love beauty and harmony in everything that surrounds me, I love to create it. Sometimes I transform the space around me with my own hands.

Process of creativity is very important for me and 4 years ago I was fascinated by painting. This passion became a part of my life and on February 6, 2018 my first art exhibition "Shoes" took place in "Gallery 153" in St. Petersburg.

For the first time I presented 25 of my paintings on one topic.

Painting became my new form of self-expression and the ability to aestheticize my passion. And the shoes, by whose design i was inspired, turned into a piece of art in my canvases.

The theme of “shoes” is not accidental, not only because this is my passion, but also because the women's business is “on the heels”. This is very feminine. In business, you often need to prove that you are on an equal footing. And shoes- its a challenge! No need to pretend to be a man, to be unfeminine. You can play by your own rules.
I am a woman.
I do business.
I am successful.
And I'm always heeled.

More than 100 people came to the exhibition - for me it became a significant event in my life.

How did my work affect my life? Here is a part of the influence:
• thanks to the exhibition, I met a lot of new interesting people
• my staff saw me from other side
• for someone my paintings have become nice gifts
• part of my paintings decorate the interior of the clinic
• after visiting the exhibition and learning about me, guests also learned that I have a business that helps people recover their health.

Thanks to my creativity, I received an invitation from the President of AMER (the Association of Russian-speaking women entrepreneurs in Spain) and took part in the Art & Business Forum "ART OF SUCCESS", which took place in late November last year in Spain, in the Russian House of Barcelona. Within the framework of this forum my works were also exhibited.

And not only there, but also at the same time in the CRISOLART gallery on the opening day of the international art exhibition “Contemporary Art Show Barcelona”, with paintings by contemporary artists from Israel, Denmark, Armenia, Georgia, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Russia and other countries my 4 Works from the series "Shoes".