Paula Read

Paula Read

Writer, translator and screenwriter | Switzerland

Paula K. Read is a writer, translator and screenwriter. Her fiction and non-fiction has been published in numerous literary and online journals, and she is the recipient of several national arts grants for screenplays.

She wrote a bi-lingual dictionary for film and television, and taught for many years at the Munich Academy for Film and Television. She co-organized and co-founded the 2017 Women's March in Geneva.

With a BA from UC Berkeley in Renaissance History and an MSc in Environmental Strategy, she is interdisciplinary in her thinking and her approach. A stint as a renewable energy industry executive inspired her to start a blog and write about environmental and social issues. Her pieces on feminist and environmental issues offer unique and unusual perspectives on a variety of topics.

A panelist at the recent 2018 Geneva Writers Conference, she discussed writing to make a difference and how writers can become activists on the page.

She reflects on the rewards and frustrations of using writing to try to alter awareness, both of oneself and of others. Born and raised in California, she has lived in several countries over the years, and has resided in France since 1995. Like her writing, she is a work in progress.