Zhanna Zherder

Zhanna Zherder

Artist | Russia

I didn't choose the way to influence, I chose my favorite thing. I started as an actress, now I'm a Director and a librettist. Why? Actor-dependent profession, the profession of Director gives more freedom of expression.

Aspirational quote:

I try to implement my projects without prejudice to my family. Of course, not always it turns out, but my family support me

Story and greatest challenges

There were practically no problems. However, when I decided to change the direction of my activities, my husband asked me why I needed it, my acting career was quite successful. But, after the first successes in a new profession, he fully embarked on my side.

Career highlights

I have created a libretto of twenty musicals, ten of which have a successful stage life. I, as a Director, staged 12 performances, 8 of them you can see on the stages of Moscow theaters. I teach acting in one of the best theater universities in Russia – GITIS and am the artistic Director Of the theater Studio ADM.

Future challenges

Very often a business woman begins to forget that she is a woman. This is wrong. We must not forget about their gender identity and then everything will turn out. This is our strength, not our weakness.

Future Global influence

A woman is alien to aggression, everything we create, we do for our children and want a peaceful future for them. If most States in the world were headed by women, there would be no wars.

Message to the world:

In order to create, a woman must be independent of a man. That doesn't mean lonely. Men will "untie our wings" when they realize that we are the same people as they are. Just how to do it?

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